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Private: Ianto

Ianto? Mate, from one male prone to self-destruction to another.. Stop now. You've proved your point. We all know you're sorry. But we've all been through worse shit than this in our employment, and until you can grasp that you've done nothing wrong, no one can truly help you. You're hurting the people that care for you, and seeing you shove their aid straight back in their face is enough to make me wanna come around to yours and punch you in the face. Would that help you see sense?
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Owen? Do kindly fuck off. Thanks.
Fine. Go cut your wrists and write emo poetry in a dark corner, see if I give a shit. Your family should come first, angsty boy, not your own self pity.
You're a long way from being family yet, Owen.
And lets hope it stays that way. I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about your soddin kid. She needs stability, not you as you are now. And what about Gethin? And Jack? I'm sure they've had a hard enough time already without this.
My relationship with my daughter, and with Jack, is none of your business. Suffice to say, I'd never hurt either of them intentionally. Or Gethin.
Just carry on hurting them all unintentionally then. Fine by me. Except it won't be if you start upsettin Gethin.
He's a big boy. He'll live.
Selfish wanker.