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Public Announcement..

Public, yeah. No private apologies to individuals. In fact, no apologies what so ever.

What's done is done, and as nice as it would be to change certain aspects of what happened, we can't. If nothing else, it was interesting to see another side of people, and I can't even help the fact that I'm already looking into Theory of Mind and the fact of mental states altering behaviour. I knew these old Med books I kept around would come in useful for something.

Anyway.. almost started Doctor rambling.. uuh, I've actually forgotten what I was meaning to say.. BUT the point is, get on with your lives, you lot. Forget it happened. At least you've not found out that everyone prefers you when you're not yourself.

I am no longer what I was for those few days, and I will be reminding you of that fact as many times as possible. Don't expect me to be fetching your coffee anymore, because if I am, it's only to drop it in your lap.

Fuck you all.
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